December 22, 2010

Readers' emails: 1948 Peugeot 202 UH.

About a year and a half ago we featured a photograph of this 1948 Peugeot 202 UH at a car show:

The car and its owner were both well-known in the local car scene. The 202 was for sale in 2009 and that's about the last we heard of it until yesterday when we got an email from the car's new owner, Manfred Luft. He bought it in Marseille in July 2009 and kindly sent us some pictures of it in its new home in Germany:

The car is in good hands, Manfred has driven it about 4,000 kms since buying it and enjoys every minute of it.

1 comment:

Ian Scott said...

Beautiful styling! Though I wonder what it's like to aim those headlights