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Ran When Parked is published by Ronan Glon and Ian Rothwell and is periodically updated by our contributor Andrew. It began in 2007 as a way for us to share our experiences with cars and our views and passions for them. We're "car guys" first and foremost, and have been most of our lives. Through various car-related jobs, travels far and wide, countless events, constant reading and research, and over 30 different vehicles in our stables over the years, we've learned quite a bit. RWP has expanded a bit from barn and field finds to more in-depth articles on automotive history and technology, but we'll always have a soft-spot for all the unappreciated, unknown, and bizarre.

For those interested in racing cars, check out http://racingredux.blogspot.com from the authors of RWP.

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We make every effort to ensure our information is correct and credit is given when due. If you should happen to find an error, let us know.

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