May 31, 2009

Project update: Saab

Unfortunately, my internet back home in Erie isn't functioning very well and I havn't been able to sort it out yet. Therefore, I can't seem to upload any photos to Blogger at the moment, but for some reason or another, I'm able to upload to Facebook. So, without further ado, here's a link to the album:

So as you can see, I've been bussy grinding away at the rust in my 1993 Saab 900. Nearly all of the corrosion in the car is in sections of the body that have been replaced at some point or another due to accident damage. Since I'm a poor college student, I'm trying to do this project as cheaply as possibly. Bondo will most likely be heavily involved where ever possible, though I'm going to have to get real creative with the gaping holes in the front fenders. After the body work is complete, I intend to get a gallon of mineral spirits and some Rustolium "Saftey Red" paint and try my hand and the infamous "$50 paint job" based on these links, though with my own improvisations along the way:

Stay tuned for more! (hopefully without photos via Facebook)

May 17, 2009

Jetta TDI Cup.

While most of the talk at Miller Motorsports park revolved around the afternoon's Utah Grand Prix, another race was happening on May 17th: the Jetta TDI Cup. Talented young drivers from around the United States and Canada competed in their Jettas for a spot on the podium.

Overall these Jettas haven't strayed too far from stock but there are some very noticable differences:

The interior is stripped - some have passenger seats, some don't. Either way, Recaro provides the front seat(s). A GTI steering wheel replaces the stock Jetta wheel. A full roll cage and a fire extinguisher are also installed.

The engine remains the same basic unit that powers every day Jetta TDI and a race-specific exhaust system sees engine emissions out. These cars are all equipped with Volkswagen DSG's transmission, supposedly to showcase the latest technology:

Some race-mandated features have taken precedence over a stereo:

On the outside, the cars have a specific bumper and specific headlights.

The suspension has been modified and the car sits on Audi rims:
The brakes were also pulled from Audi's parts bin:

The Jetta TDI Cup pace car, an R32:

May 9, 2009

Gray market 300D.

Contrary to what its apperance may suggest, this one actually ran when parked. The problem is that it was parked a very, very long time ago.

I pulled this gray market 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D from some guy's backyard south of here where it apparently sat for about fifteen years. I mostly got it because being a gray market car it has all the Euro goodies like the bumpers and the lights that have already and will find their way to my own 300D. I will be parting this out over the next couple of weeks.

May 2, 2009

State College Clio (again)

The elusive Renault Clio that's been seen around Penn State has finally been (better) captured on camera while sitting at a stop next to me. Judging by the license plate and tinted windows, it seems to have come from Mexico. Mexico City, to be more precise, because of the "Renault Universidad" and "Distrito Federal" markings. It even has Eibach springs!

So, I guess it's alright to bring your new Renault into the country for an extended period of time... you just can't register it here. 

Now if I could just track down that Mexican registered MG ZR around here...