December 24, 2010

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo's Museo Storico in Arese (a short drive north of Milan) is one of the world's most impressive collections of past Alfas. It opened in 1976 and extends over 5,700 square yards. From production cars to prototypes with a couple of race cars thrown in the mix, there is something on display for every Alfa enthusiast. Ran When Parked visited the museum in June of 2010 and we've compiled a collection of photos from it.

1954 Tipo 103, an attempt to build a car that would have slotted below the Giulietta in Alfa's lineup. It had an 896cc four-cylinder that surprisingly spun the front wheels:

The famous TZ1/TZ2 duo:

TZ3 Corsa:

1976 New York Taxi. Drawn by Italdesign, it could seat six and was powered by a two liter engine:

Alfasud Sprint 6C, featuring a mid-mounted 2.5 V6 borrowed from the GTV6:

1972 Junior Zagato Periscopio. This prototype was built on an Alfetta platform and had a 1962cc four-cylinder mounted transverally behind the front seats. The scoop on the roof helps cool the engine:

164, 75, Alfetta:

1966 Giulia Scarabeo. It has a body built by Osi and uses a mid-mounted 1575cc four-cylinder engine:

1967 1750 GTAm:

1965 Giulia Sprint Speciale prototype by Bertone:

2600 Berlina and 2600 Sprint:

1951 159 Alfetta:


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