July 20, 2007

A photo of me taken when I was about a year old shows me smiling at the wheel of my grandfather's Renault 6. I've had the same passion since my very early childhood: French, Italian and German cars.

I started collecting model cars when I was about two years old and haven't stopped since. What's changed since is that my collection now includes a fair amount of real cars. This part of the collection started when I was fifteen with a 1984 Saab 900 S with a bad transmission. This car is gone and has probably been crushed by now but since then I've had no less than a dozen cars. Italian cars are a favorite but I've had other Saabs, French cars, German cars and even a Toyota.

The purpose of this blog is to put up anecdotes of various, strictly car related things that I encounter on a daily basis. Tech tips, test drives, etc.