May 2, 2009

State College Clio (again)

The elusive Renault Clio that's been seen around Penn State has finally been (better) captured on camera while sitting at a stop next to me. Judging by the license plate and tinted windows, it seems to have come from Mexico. Mexico City, to be more precise, because of the "Renault Universidad" and "Distrito Federal" markings. It even has Eibach springs!

So, I guess it's alright to bring your new Renault into the country for an extended period of time... you just can't register it here. 

Now if I could just track down that Mexican registered MG ZR around here...

1 comment:

David said...

Reminds me of the yellow Seat Ibiza with Mexican plates I've spotted a few times in Atlanta. Weird seeing one in the U.S.