May 17, 2009

Jetta TDI Cup.

While most of the talk at Miller Motorsports park revolved around the afternoon's Utah Grand Prix, another race was happening on May 17th: the Jetta TDI Cup. Talented young drivers from around the United States and Canada competed in their Jettas for a spot on the podium.

Overall these Jettas haven't strayed too far from stock but there are some very noticable differences:

The interior is stripped - some have passenger seats, some don't. Either way, Recaro provides the front seat(s). A GTI steering wheel replaces the stock Jetta wheel. A full roll cage and a fire extinguisher are also installed.

The engine remains the same basic unit that powers every day Jetta TDI and a race-specific exhaust system sees engine emissions out. These cars are all equipped with Volkswagen DSG's transmission, supposedly to showcase the latest technology:

Some race-mandated features have taken precedence over a stereo:

On the outside, the cars have a specific bumper and specific headlights.

The suspension has been modified and the car sits on Audi rims:
The brakes were also pulled from Audi's parts bin:

The Jetta TDI Cup pace car, an R32:

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