May 4, 2008

The Elusive Italian

Look closely, it's back there behind the Nissan...

For the last couple of months, I've been seeing a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5 running about the State College area and I've been trying like hell to get a good look at it. (I know it's an 85 thanks to the license plate "85 GTV6" ) It's a bit like trying to capture a picture of a Borneo rhinocerous. Every time I see it, I'm always driving and so is it, and either can't get to my camera in time or don't have my camera with me. So, you'll excuse me if this shot from my rear view mirror taken on Atherton St. is the best I can do at the moment. 
This car gets used. It's not a baby for sure. I've seen it in rain, light snow, and sunshine alike and it would appear it could use a good coat of polish on it. As I've said before in other posts, I'm glad these cars gets driven, but I hate to see a notoriously water soluable 1980s Italian car being subjected to central Pennsylvania weather. 


Ronan said...

Oh lord, '85s have those metric tires.

I. R. Rothwell said...

HA - those should be a treat to find.