May 1, 2008


If you live in America, chances are you see one of these every day. It probably has 400,000 miles, blown out rear suspension, faded clearcoat, and is followed by a thick cloud of smoke. (If by chance it also has a for sale sign on it, contact me)

So what makes this one special? The diesel W126 was a U.S. market thing only so they were all U.S. spec (headlights/bumpers/etc). I took this photo in Barcelona, Spain. Somebody had it imported from the North American continent. Odd, European cars usually get imported TO America, not from.

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andrew said...

I saw a US-spec W123 in Germany last week. Random. No pics, though, it was going the other way in traffic.

Lots and lots of cars are heading over the pond nowadays because the exchange rate makes it favorable to re-import a car. Obviously, that was not the case with this W126 (unless it was really dirty when it was shipped over!)