May 4, 2008

Sleeping Cat

Near Bellefonte, PA this Jaguar XJS HE seems to be in a state of hibernation, parked between a road and a cliff-face near a few other retired vehicles. It's certainly out of place, like finding a fine English tea set on a table that's nothing more than a door laying on cinder blocks. It would appear that it's more or less road worthy and has current registration, though it's unlikely place of residence would indicate that it may have fallen victim to any number of British-Leyland or Lucas Electric related issues somewhat unexpectedly. It hasn't moved recently anyway... Perhaps just another vehicle that will one day be described in an advertisement as having "ran when parked".


Ian Scott said...

I'd love to own one of those. The fuel hungry, difficult to work on v12 keeps me from seriously looking for one though.

I. R. Rothwell said...

Oh yeah they're such bastards to work on. I recall having to take the carb linkage and a bunch of other stuff off the top of one of those V12s to get to the damned spark plugs. Can you immagine the horrors of being a team mechanic for Group 44 Jaguar?

Ronan said...

Ha, try changing the plugs on the rear bank of a Ferrari 308.