June 14, 2010

Cars in the Vaucluse.

Going back to the roots of Ran When Parked when we featured mostly run-down cars hidden behind a foot of grass or a wooden shack about to collapse, here are a couple of junkyard finds in the Vaucluse department of France.

A Citroen HY pickup:

An Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Unrelated to the first Giulietta or the upcoming 2010 Giulietta, this model sits on an Alfetta platform and was only sold in Europe from 1977 to 1985:

An early 1980s Saab 900 Turbo five-door:

Early 1980s Citroen GSA:

A late 1970s Alfa Romeo Alfetta and an early 1970s Renault 12 in the background:

A late 1970s Renault 20 TS with a four headlight setup borrowed from a Renault 30:

Early 1970s Simca 1100 with a practical hatchback design:

Mid 1970s bay window Volkswagen Type 2:

An early 1970s Autobianchi A112 with a Renault Estafette in the background:

An early 1980s Fiat Panda bridging the gap between a Renault 20 and a Renault 16 while a BMW 318i turns its back to the trio:

An early 1960s Citroen Ami 6:

A mid 1960s Fiat 850 Coupe:

A mid 1980s Matra-Simca Rancho with a mid 1980s Renault 12 in the background:

A late 1960s Renault 6:

A pair of Citroen CX sedans:

And an early 1970s Alfa Romeo GTV:


dead_elvis said...

That VW Transporter is of the '68-72 variety; in '73, the front turn signals moved up above the headlights, from down near the bumper like the one pictured. The 1972 Bus is easy to pick out if you can see both front & rear signals - '72 was the first year of the larger tail/brake lights that continued through the rest of its run.

dead_elvis said...

Thought you might be interested to see another Citroen H-something featured in the auto-blogosphere this week: http://hooniverse.com/blog/2010/06/16/fellow-hoon-buys-greatest-shed-ever/

Ronan Glon said...

That HY is quite a find, though one has to wonder how that ended up in the northern US.

On the Transporter, I had a 1973 model (http://ranwhenparked.blogspot.com/2009/01/type-2.html), the first year with the turn signals below the windshield.

What I want is a 1971; it's arguably the best year for bay windows (in the US anyways) because you get front disc brakes, independent suspension in the back and you still keep the type 1 engine.

Thanks for reading.