April 3, 2008

Avignon Motor Festival.

The Avignon Motor Festival is an annual car show/swap meet and is the largest of its kind in the south of France. This year's ran from March 28th to the 30th. The swap meet was absolutely huge (I found some carbs for my GTV!) and the show had some amazing cars. Here are some of the highlights.

GS Birotor.. very very rare car, only about 900 were made and most were destroyed. I'll go into the history of it in a later post:

Salmson 2300S.. Salmson is one of the forgotten French brands, along with Voisin, etc:

1972 Renault 5, one of the first ones to roll off the production lines. Early models like this one had a dash mounted shifter like the Renault 4 did.

Citroen GSA Club:

Renault 5 Alpine that competed in the 1000 Pistes rallye:

Renault 20 4x4 that won the Paris-Dakar in 1982:

Alfa Romeo Alfasud Estate:

NSU Prinz 4L:

Stock Renault 5 Alpine Turbo:

I took around 200 photos so don't hesitate to contact me if you want a different shot of a car or just more photos.

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