July 5, 2008

Fiat 126s.

I spotted this Fiat 126 in somebody's yard in La Ciotat, France. Probably a parts car of sorts though amazingly rust free for being right off the beach:

This one was in Monaco, very nice car, but slightly ironic with the "Maserati Service" sign behind it:

This is actually a Polski-Fiat 126, made in Poland under a Fiat lisence. They were made until the early 2000s. Interesting thing is, I saw this one in Beijing, China. Must have come through Russia because the 126 was never sold there:

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, spotted your pics of fiat
126's.... I have a polski 126 here
in colorado!! i can send you a pic if your interested...

blackrabbitracing at msn.com