July 7, 2008

Citroen Dyane

Yes, that's right. It's a Citroen Dyane. It's also traveling on Interstate 80 in central Pennsylvania of all places and I matched speeds with it at about 75 miles per hour. Furthermore, it was actually passing other vehicles on the highway.
All facts which seem very strange when put together. 
You'll also notice on close inspection of this photograph that the car is leaning to the right. It would appear, judging by the "GB" sticker and plates that it was imported from the UK and the rather robust driver is sitting on the right hand side. All in all, a very odd find indeed.


Ben Boyle said...

Just found this site and was perusing, that is MY CAR!

I had just imported it from the UK and driving it home. I also have a 2CV6 and the Dyane, despite being beat to hell, the fastest 2CV derivative I have ever driven!

Ronan Glon said...

Glad you found the site, Ben. What year is the Dyane?

I've got a 1978 2CV4.

Ben Boyle said...

It's a 1979!