April 4, 2008

More from Avignon.

A couple more pictures from Avignon.

A pair of Renault-Alpine A310:

Renault Ondine:

A pair of early Citroen 2CVs:

A Saab 93:

I'm likely the only person who took a photo of this one.. a Renault 14 in showroom condition:

Renault Clio V6 seen in the parking lot:


James said...

That 93 is gorgeous; such a classic shape.

the A310's are spectacular looking cars, completely foreign.

More pics from this event would not go unappreciated!

I. R. Rothwell said...

Good god - is that a ...Camaro? ... lurking in the background of the red Alpine picture. You can't go anywhere and not see that crap can you?

Also, I think I've ever only seen one of those Alpines in the US - at Mid-Ohio years ago.

Ronan said...

James, thanks, more photos are on their way.

Ian, yes, that is a Camaro.. it hangs out at local car shows, I've seen it before. There's also a purple Monte Carlo that hangs out at shows around here. And this show had way too many Mustangs for its own good.

Daniel said...

Was an A310 in a James Bond Movie with Roger Moore? Or am I thinking of his cameo in The Cannonball Run?

T+ said...

Camaros, Firebirds, Cadillacs, Mustangs...
European peoples really enjoy to see those vehicles... They are very very rare under our skies !
Fuel consumption and sizes have ever been so enormous, really uncommon for us !