February 17, 2008

Renault 4.

This 1969 Renault 4 isn't your everyday Renault 4. Pop open the hood and you'll notice the battery takes up only half the tray. It's a 6 volt. Second thing is that it still has a 3-speed manual as opposed to the 4-speed that later models came with.

The car itself was apparently owned by an elderly gentleman in the Nice area until 2002 when a guy bought it with the intention of restoring it. The restoration never started and it sat in the new owner's driveway. One day he noticed a pool of coolant under it and never started it again. The first owner took real good care of it. He always kept seat covers on it, he had the floors replaced when they started to rust (big issue with these cars) and he kept the original odometer when he replaced it. Add up the two odometers and the car only has 73,000 kilometers! The tires are dry rotted, the brakes are seized and there is some damage on the passenger side where somebody scraped it against a wall but overall, this car has a ton of potential.

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