February 17, 2008

The goddess.

Believe it or not, this 1975 Citroen DS23 did run when it was parked. My great uncle got it in the early 1980s as payment for some work he did. Even though it was only a couple of years old at the time, it was already in bad shape. Being a carbureted 23, it had the bigger 2300cc engine and was horrible on gas. Lastly, he already had a DSuper 5 he bought new in 1973. The DSuper was in much better shape and got better gas mileage. A combination of the above meant the car rarely got driven. Eventually it was parked and it started to deteriorate. By the late 1980s it had become a parts car.

I've got a lot of good memories from this car, playing it in as a kid and all. But, my great uncle is now dead, my great aunt is tired of looking at it and his son (who inherited the DSuper, which is in like-new condition) has pulled just about everything worth pulling from it so it will be scrapped within a few weeks. There's not much else we can do with this one.

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