January 8, 2008

I dream of Fintails

I visited a Dallas junkyard over the weekend and found myself pleasantly surprised by the selection of obscure European cars. Expect more and more photos of the cars as this blog progresses.

Rarely do you see any Mercedes-Benz older than a W123 240D or 300D (with the occasional 280E or European 230E), but this yard was full of Fintails, the decadent, American-themed Mercedes-Benz sedans that represented family travel for the marque through the 1960s.

First up is the picturesque Mercedes-Benz W110 220S. The 220S was not a high end model, though it was powered by a 2.2 liter inline 6. This particular car looks to have been the subject of a restoration attempt at some point in its life, but obviously the valiant effort wasn't enough to keep it out of a junkyard.

Next up is a W110 200D. This was the lower end Fintail sedan, distinguished by its dual round headlamps, rather than the vertical headlamps of the six cylinder W111 and luxurious W112. I don't claim to be anything resembling an expert on Fintails, so I'll ask you, the readership... why does this badge say "200 Diesel" rather than 200D?

And, finally, we have another W110, a rusty, battered 190D nestled in between a rare W114 250 C coupe and a W115 240D.

More vehicles from this fantastic yard to come!

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