January 10, 2008

"Behind the Curtain"

Off and on for the last 5 years I've worked for a local foreign car mechanic in Erie, PA named Wolfgang. As his name would suggest, he really is a stereotypical German mechanic. He's a notorious pack rat and has been collecting cars, car parts, and parts cars for the last 30 years. In his shop, he has an area he refers to as "behind the curtain" (though to be correct, one has to say 'behind ze curtain') This is where he keeps most of the 'good' junk. It's really just a big room sepparated from the main work area thats filled with Mercedes, VW, Audi, Volvo and Jaguar parts among other things. Wolfgang's entire shop could take up many posts in this blog, so at this point, I'm only going to show these pictures of some of the non-running cars stored in there:

The Audi 5000 Quattro Turbo that's burried under these boxes, is actually pretty clean aside from its thick layer of dust. The story goes on this car that it had a major front suspension issue (hence the missing wheel) and the customer opted to give Wolfgang the car rather than pay for the costs. Last registered in 1995. This car could be cleaned up, repaired and be rather nice, unfortunately late 80's Audi sedans haven't made much of an impact on the collector car market and it's probably not worth the effort.

This 1971 Opel Kadett Combi was last registered for road use in 1992. Since then, it's been a semi-permanent fixture in the back room. It cargo space is filled with parts for other cars. It may seem to be in a rather sorry state - and essentially it is, but it really wouldn't take much to get it running and driving again. The body appears to be pretty solid and, to quote the name of this site, it ran when parked.

Also of note is this early 70s Mercedes Benz 280 SE. It's in need of some body work, but the rest of it appears to be pretty decent. It sports a red MB-Tex interior, and is powered by the 6 cylinder engine. This could definately be a worthy canditate for a modest restoration. Im not aware at the moment how this Benz came to rest in the back room. As you can see, it's currently primarily a storage box and table.

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