November 11, 2007

Don't see these too often.

Most vehicles in central Pennsylvania were made in the United States, many of them are tractors. However, thanks to the existance of a town built around a Penn State University, State College, PA has a few decent European car dealerships. It was at the Volvo dealer that I foud this very interesting Volvo C202.

These were originally designed by Volvo for millitary use and later sold to the public. They used the same gas engine as the 240 series and came in varying body styles. There's probably not many of these in the US, let alone in central PA.

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andrew said...

I like the mix of Swedish and English controls.

It is amazing how college towns are a hotbed for unique cars. I went to school in Bloomington, Indiana (Indiana University), and lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan (University of Michigan), and the per capita population of obscure European cars was extraordinary in both towns.