November 22, 2007

Count the Citroëns.

This is the first of many, many, many photos that this particular contributor will be posting from the yard at Shade Tree Enginetrics in Nevada (say Neh-vay-duh), Texas. For those who don't know, Shade Tree is truly heaven on earth for Italian cars. Acres upon acres of old Italian cars - mostly Fiats but a good number of Alfa Romeos and Lancias as well as the odd Citroën. Why would a Citroën be parked in a lot full of Italian cars? The SM features a Maserati V6, of course!

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Expect many, many, many more photographs from Shade Tree, including lots of cars that you simply won't see on the road. Ever. Like an Alfa 6. And a Lancia HPE. Cool.

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No Surrender said...

Nice! Keep up the great posts.