November 14, 2007

An Alfa-Saab shop? That's what dreams are made of!

How's this for perfect? A shop that specializes in my two favorites: Alfa Romeo and Saab. It's located in Albuquerque, just blocks from one of my favorite New-Mex restaurants. It had been about five years since I had last seen the shop, but I made a point to visit it again. There weren't many unique Saabs this time, but I did spot a couple of interesting Alfas, including Berlinas, Alfetta/GTV 2000s and a Giulia or Giulietta Spider. Having lived in the Midwest for the better part of the 21st century (prior to a recent move to Texas), it's always refreshing to see unrestored vintage cars that haven't been bitten by the rust bug. These cars have obviously been driven hard for their whole lives, but unlike cars in Michigan, their bodies are intact and, if the drivetrains are functioning, they're ready to go.

A shop like this would be a dream come true for me... but how many mechanics are trained in classic Swedish and Italian cars only? Probably not many!


I. R. Rothwell said...

This is like something you and I would start... notice that in that one pic of the Berlina (i think) theres a nice fresh oil spot yet all the saabs are dry underneath.

I. R. Rothwell said...

(Ronan and I that is)

Ronan said...

We could take it over..

But, very cool shop. Seriously, how many Alfa-Saab shops are there in the country?