May 25, 2011

What's in your garage?

The links at the top of this page titled "Ronan's Garage" and "Ian's Garage" showcase what we drive around in or spend our time under.

We want to start featuring reader cars on the site, about one per month to start off with. If you have one (or more!) you'd like us to feature, send us an email at ranwhenparked at hotmail dot com with a brief history of it (how long you've had it, etc) and three or four pictures we can use.

This is new and we don't know how many folks will actually be interested. If you send us an email and we don't choose your car this month, don't worry, it will have its fifteen minutes of fame another time.

Thanks for reading.


robin632 said...

Need any parts for your Milano. I have a garage full of Alfa Parts.:)

Ronan Glon said...

Hey, thanks for the offer but I think I'm good on Milano parts for now, I parted an '87 Gold so that's basically in pieces in my garage.

However, if you have any GTV parts I might be interested. I need a driveshaft for my '66.