April 25, 2011

Hershey Porsche Show & Swap 2011

This years Central PA Porsche Club of America swap-meet could best be described as mildly disappointing. While it was great to see a large collection of Porsches in one location as well as have the opportunity to hunt for parts and memorabilia, the attendance seems to be dropping significantly. Perhaps it's the ever-growing popularity of eBay and other online parts availability, and perhaps it was the rather poor weather combined with a date so close to Easter that kept many away this year. Gas nearing $4.00 per gallon may also be a factor when one considers even a relatively efficient Porsche's tendency to consume large amounts of petroleum.

Alas, my dad and I couldn't get our 914 to the show either due to trouble getting the car up and running after having the engine out this winter. Again, considering the rain, probably just as well.
As usual, there was no shortage of the newer Porsche models. Plenty of 911s, 944s, 928s, etc. Many of the handful of 914s left something to be desired and 356s were very few and far between.

The number and quantity of offerings from vendors was also quite low compared to many past years. Amazingly enough, this was the first year I've attended the show and didn't find anything we could use.

All that being said, it wasn't terrible. Hopefully next year's event will be graced with better weather, lower gas prices, and not suffer from a lack of attendance due to disenchantment with this year.

For those in the Cleveland area, I would still suggest the relatively small swap-meet at Stoddard's new location in Highland Heights, Ohio. The literature and collectible swap-meet is Friday, June 10th, and the car swap and show is the following day. While it's nowhere near the size of Hershey, Stoddard is a world-renowned supplier of vintage Porsche parts with a helpful and friendly staff. They recently lost the Porsche dealership franchise to Penske, but deserve much support in their endeavors as a parts supplier and restoration shop.

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