October 19, 2010

You don't see these too often: Honda Acty

Japanese "Kei" class vehicles will occasionally pop up in the States for institutional use. Penn State has several for example. It's not often, however, that they appear for sale at your local Chevrolet dealer. (Alas, it's sold "As-is. No Warranty") This happy looking fellow is perhaps one of my personal favorites since I have a fondness for Hondas. This is a 2nd generation (mid 1990s) Honda Acty sporting "Real Time" four wheel drive and a 4-speed manual transmission driven by a 660 cc inline 3-cylinder.

It can carry 770 lbs of stuff... not bad.  I wonder if you can put a snow blower on the front...

Granted, it's probably horribly unsafe on the highway, but you could probably never find a way to register it. (though they can reach highway speeds which is perhaps the scariest part) Regardless, it would be fun to have one of these around the house for yard work, or even as the ultimate urban winter car. New, these sell for around $10,000 in Japan. No price was given on this example.


marmer said...

The university where I work used to have some almost identical vehicles badged Daihatsu.

Slow Joe Crow said...

There are several businesses in the US that import used ones from Japan. they are mostly advertised as utility vehicles for off road use but some states will register them for the road. I have seen one or two in the Portland Oregon area, plus the zoo has some Daihatsus for private use.