April 25, 2010

Mystery car.

This car has been parked in a field for years until two days ago when it was on a flatbed in front of the field.

Does anybody know what it is? Send your guesses to ranwhenparked -at- hotmail -dot com, the answer will be posted in a few days.


Doug said...

Rear view of a shell of a Renault Caravelle cabriolet.

Ronan said...

A few readers have guessed a Renault Caravelle; it looks like one but isn't. We'll post the answer in a little bit.

Thanks for reading.

Doug said...

OK, so I was wrong on first take. Then make it a Dinalpin A110 cabriolet shell. See this link for photo of complete one. http://bringatrailer.com/2009/05/23/2-for-1-dinalpin-a110-cabrio-and-coupe/

Ronan said...

Very close; it's an Alpine A106.