March 20, 2010


A recent trip to Portugal left me amazed with how many old cars are running around in good shape. Even cars from the 1990s that you typically find in terrible shape here like a Citroen AX or a Peugeot 205 still sport shiny paint and untorn interiors. In the city of Porto I spotted classic cars by the dozen, below is a sampling of what is around.

By far the most common classic cars are 1980s Mercedes sedans. A fair amount of w201 190s (of both the E and the D type) still roam the streets as taxis and private cars. w124s are plentiful as well but w210 E-Classes seem to slowly replace the taxis. And, plenty of people still enjoy the bomb-proof w123s as their daily transportation.

w201 190E taxi followed by a w204 C220 CDI taxi:

w201 190D:
w124 200D:w126 280SE: Saving the best for last, a small sample of the w123s I photographed over five days:

240D: 300D:
If you own a Mercedes in Portugal there are two fairly active clubs, the Clube w123 Portugal (exclusively for w123s, though other vintage Mercedes are invited) and the Mercedistas club (open to all Mercedes).

A couple of Fiats were present as well, starting with this Fiat 600:

Fiat 850 Coupe:Miscellaneous German cars; a carbureted BMW 316 and an early 1960s Beetle:

Lastly, a pair of air-cooled Citroens; a Mehari and a 2CV6:

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