February 2, 2010

Sharing one of my favorite photos - of my first 2002

I bought this 1975 BMW 2002 on a bit of a whim - it was advertised for an affordable price on craigslist and I had always liked the '02, so I figured... why the hell not?

It was originally a Pacific Northwest car that had received a new BMW engine (minus emissions controls) a short while before the owner before me acquired it. The seller was offering it to raise funds for her hemp-based clothing company (I kid you not). Aside from the obvious body damage and a few thick coats of the correct shade Malaga paint, it was actually a remarkably solid car. It had no serious rust, ran like stink and handled well enough. I cleaned it up, gave it a tune up and drove the heck out of it for a few months before selling it prior to a move. The photo shows an in-progress picture; I had yet to remove the Yakima roof rack (which netted me $50 in BMW budget on Craigslist) and I had only refinished (read: Kryloned) that one rear wheel.

The 2002 - and the 1600 I have now - makes a great usable vintage classic. This photo, which obviously includes both a barn and a classic bus, was my desktop background for months - even after I sold the BMW.

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