January 10, 2010

Single Cab.

I spotted this rare Type 2 single cab in Park City, Utah. It looks to be in original, unrestored condition and the logo on the door may indicate that it was privately imported from Germany.

These were popular in the early 1960s as a more efficient alternative to big American pickups. However, they were the victim of a tariff barrier in the mid 1960s which curbed the demand for them and they became scarce on the U.S. market, a big reason why they're rare and why T2 single cabs are arguably even rarer. In Germany they faced almost no serious competition (save for maybe Goliath vans) and were commonly used for a wide array of jobs. Companies across Europe built vans/pickups like this to compete with it in their home country; these included the Citroen Type H, Renault Estafette and the Peugeot D4 in France, the Fiat 241 and Alfa Romeo Romeo van series in Italy, etc.

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Christopher said...

Just went to a local VW day here in Clearwater, FL at the local Quacker Steak. Love these almost as much as my 77 300D!