June 11, 2009

Mystery car.

I found this car while hiking in the hills behind Marseille. It was burned and pushed down a cliff many, many years ago. Who can guess what kind of car it is?

Here are some hints:

- metal bumpers.
- four doors.
- four lug wheels (as opposed to the three lugs of so many French cars of yesteryear)
- four cylinders, single carburetor.
- rear wheel drive, manual transmission.
- not an OHC engine.
- rear taillights appear to be upright.


I. R. Rothwell said...

Looks to be a Peugeot engine...

Ronan said...

That was one of my first guesses as well, a 404, but the nothing else matched up.

T+ said...

I would say this look like an old Bmw 3's with a small 1.6l or 1.8l engine... (316 or 318)
Shapes (front chassis, thin doors) are matching, powering unit could look like second picture...

Ronan said...

Neah, it's actually a Chrysler 180.