April 26, 2009

Old cars in Utah junkyards.

Here's a quick update: various old and rotting cars I have come across recently in junkyards around Utah.

Mercedes 220D, bit of a rare car nowadays:

Mercedes 190E and 240D, one of several w123s rotting in this junkyard.

Fiat 850 Spider, stripped pretty well but remarkably rust free.

Lancia Beta HPE. Complete, rust free despite some dents though the engine bearings I found in the passenger footwell may be an indication of what sealed its fate.

Renault Fuego, I haven't seen one of these in ages in France or the U.S. Complete (what's missing from the front was in the car) but the junkyard refuses to sell it.

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Jon Miconi said...

Ronan, I work at the yard with the Fuego and am actually the one who towed it in. Some old farmer up the canyon in Morgan, UT had it sitting behind a barn. When he sent it away, he was hoping that someone would be able to use some of its parts to keep another one on the road. Sadly, I have never seen another one in my life, let alone on the road.

I do find it unusual that the yard wouldn't sell it, as we do that quite often. I know some have asked about the yellow Transporter directly next to the Fuego and it still sits there, slowly getting disassembled. I did, however, save my SAAB 900 from ending up directly behind the Fuego. Its owners sent it away because they didnt need it. I changed its tires and put a battery in it and it has proved to be a great little car. Its now safe from the crusher, getting enjoyed daily. :)