January 25, 2009

The One(s) That Got Away [or, Another Saab Story]

As some readers may recall, I purchased both of my beloved Saabs from a Dodge dealer in North-West Pennsylvania. This part of the state isn't exactly brimming with European cars, and surprisingly, despite the seemingly endless amount of Chrysler products running around the county, the dealer went bankrupt last year. Anyway, what was so unique about this dealer of Chrysler machinery was that the owner had a strange love for Saabs. Hence, how and why I found my specimens there. When the place was still up and running, I drove by one day to find two Saab 96s parked across the street in an abandoned lot. Naturally I had to stop and look and also inquire about purchasing them. One was a Monte Carlo 850 in rather rough, but restorable shape, and the other a standard 96 that was in largely original condition and very restorable and likely drivable as-is. Unfortunately, when questioned, the owner assured me that the vehicles were not for sale and were to be her personal projects. Before they finally disappeared for good, I snapped some photos. (These are about 4 years old now... I found them in my archives)

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