December 30, 2008

Shade Tree Lancias.

(Lancia Appia Second Series)

For your viewing pleasure: A couple of Lancia photos from Shade Tree Enginetrics in Nevada, Texas. This is the largest Italian junkyard in North America that I know of. Anyone have any other yards to suggest?

Unfortunately, much of the area is overgrown, thus making the cars difficult to get to. There are three separate yards and a covered area - together I think there are about 300 Italian cars on site.

(same Appia)

(Beta HPE/High Performance Estate)

(Beta Coupe/another HPE)


Ronan said...

I think Shade Tree is where people like us go when they die.

Ølholm said...

Isn't the blue convertible behind the Lancia a Fiat 850 Spider? Sure looks like it - didn't knew they were imported into USA.

Ronan said...

Olholm - they were imported until I believe 1973 when they discontinued the Spider and replaced it with the X1/9. I've had two 1971 850 Spiders in the U.S.