December 15, 2008

Practical European style?

Here's a relatively rare one... a Volkswagen 412 that I spotted in a Dallas-area junkyard. A fairly rare sight even when new, the 412 was an update of the 411, neither of which met much success in the United States. Sources suggest that about 110,000 Type 4s (411 and 412) were sold in the U.S. during a four-year model run, though I wasn't able to discern just what years were imported.

Unfortunately, I failed to get much more information out of this 412 since it reeked of a filthy, indescribable scent. Obviously the victim of a flood, it is nonetheless a quite straight, rust-free example of a very, very rare - and very practical - VW.

And if that wasn't enough, I also spotted this even rarer Opel Kadett three-door wagon. First, why can't anyone offer this bodystyle in a new car? The closest I can come up with is the Volvo C30, but it has about as much storage space as a shoebox. This three-door estate was also in remarkably solid condition despite last being registered in 1982. Sadly, these cars weren't sexy when new - and they're not much sexier today. Still, they're affordable and practical classics that should be kept on the road.


Ronan said...

Shame to see those in a junkyard. (If I had a nickel for every time I said that, I'd probably be able to buy them from the yard and restore them to concours condition)

I. R. Rothwell said...

You know how i'm partial Opel Kadett wagons and things with Type 4 engines

Hans1 said...

This 412 is actually super-rare. The 411 wqs brought to the US initially in 1971 only in automatic transmission 4-door or station wagon form. Only a very small number of 411/412 2-doors with manual transmissions were brought in starting in mid-1972. I don't recall the availability of the 2-door as ever even been advertised.

andrew said...

Hans1, damn! That's a shame. I went back to that yard a couple of days ago and the VW was gone. The Opel was still there, however.