November 27, 2008

In a junkyard west of here.

A couple of years ago I got word that a junkyard west of here had two Alfa Spiders. At the time I was looking for an engine for my GTV and a 2,000cc from a Spider would fit just fine. I went out there. Turns out the motors were seized and not something I particularly wanted to deal with but the cars there were amazing. Scattered throughout an ocean of American cars (and not your run of the mill GMs- we're talking Kaisers, Studebakers, etc) were various old European cars.

A Triumph Herald, a rare sight anywhere, especially in western Utah. Not restoration worthy (unless you're very ambitious) but definitly a good parts car.

Citroen DS19. Much like the above, this would be fairly complicated to restore but all the body panels are intact.

The owner of the yard also informed he had another DS19 but it had been hit pretty bad. He wasn't kidding:

This Renault Floride looks to have been hit slightly in the rear but is still relatively complete, including a hard top. In my opinion of one the most beautiful French cars of the 1960s.

Finally, the two S2 Spiders that attracted me to the yard in the first place:

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Ian said...

I, for some reason, really like the Citroen in the top picture.