June 6, 2008

Jieda (updated with more photos)

While in Europe and in the U.S. the mkII Jetta is a distant memory, you can still buy a new one in China. Sometimes written as 'Jieda', the front has been redesigned to look like a VW Santana (larger Passat-ish car) and the rear has been slightly redesigned but a lot of the body panels are still the same. They're very popular as taxis and government vehicles.

But, that's not it. You can also buy an mkIV Jetta. Either the standard Jetta that the U.S. and Europe got or a slightly redesigned one. These are either called Jettas or sometimes Bora, the monicker it sports in certain European markets.

Lastly, the current generation Jetta is also available but it's called the Sagitar.


rossferguson said...

You can still buy the mkIV Jetta brand-new in Canada as well - they're marketed as "City Jetta" (and correspondingly the "City Golf"), and they're significantly cheaper than a current-generation Rabbit or Jetta.

Ronan said...

Wow, very cool about the City Jetta/Golf. That's what I saw in China, I didn't know that until today, thanks!

You can also buy the City Golf in South Africa which is the original Rabbit, I'd love one.

On that topic, you can still order a brand new Peugeot 504 (European Car of The Year in 1968) in Nigeria. Seriously.