May 7, 2008

Due cavale.

I'll let the "owner" tell the story: (translated from Italian)

"When this car came in it was in bad shape. Interestingly enough it's from San Marino. We did a lot of work to it and got it looking good and running even better. When we gave the owner the bill, he said he had no money. Well, why the hell are you bringing me a car to fix if you don't have the money? So we kept it in the shop. Eventually we realized he wasn't going to pay us.. we had the car but no title, he had the title but no car. We needed the space so we parked it here. It's been, ohh.. about 15 years now, we never heard from the guy again. You can take some parts from it if you want."

1 comment:

andrew said...

Did you scavenge any parts? The roof looks usable.