April 16, 2008

"This car will be impounded if not removed in three days"

Ah, you never forget your first car.

I was 15 and in love with Saabs. I found out a friend of mine's uncle had one sitting on the side of his house, a 1984 900 S. I don't remember the full history of it but the gist of it was that it hadn't been registered in years and was mainly driven around his lot (they owned a farm) by kids and grandkids so it had a lot of dings and dents. Today I'd run away from this car but as a 15 year old eager to get his first car, I jumped at the opportunity. I talked to them about it and they ended up giving it to me.

Problem #1: for people familiar with the Salt Lake area, this was in Highland, Utah. Not very far from Salt Lake City but not very close either. Another friend of mine's dad had a Dodge Ram and we rented a trailer from U-Haul and towed it back.

Problem #2: once again for people familiar with area, I lived on 4th Avenue back then, not much room for a car. I got it towed to a friend's house and much to his parents' chagrin left it there for the summer while I was in France.

Problem #3: I got it started with a jump from a Toyota truck, drove it and couldn't get it to go out of 1st gear. At 15 I didn't have the time, knowledge or resources to really do anything about a bad automatic transmission so I started to part it out before my friends' parents got angry and wanted it gone.

What to do, what to do? Well, I parked it on the street in front of their house and since it had no plates, it didn't take long for the SLC Police Department to get interested in it. I started getting tickets and later impound notices and it eventually got taken away.

I unfortunately don't have any other photos of it, just this one, taken a day before it was impounded.

Parts from it went on subsequent Saabs and I still have some in the garage.

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