March 22, 2008

Citroen 2CV.

Despite being produced in large quantities, early 2CVs are becoming scarce. I saw the car pictured above at a small Peugeot dealership in Puyricard last summer. It unfortunately wasn't for sale and is now gone, hopefully off to a good home.

Some notable differences between this early model, from the 1950s, and later models like mine, pictured in these pages, include the suicide doors, the lack of a rear quarter window and the rippled hood. Mechanically speaking this has a 435cc 2-cylinder as opposed to the 475cc found in mine and the 602cc found in the 2CV6 and many other 2CV based cars. It's also worth noting that until the early 1960s, gray was the only color one could order a 2CV in. And, those taillights aren't original to it, they belong to a later one. It should have much skinnier taillights.


I. R. Rothwell said...

Still kicking myself for not buying that 1951 2CV under a tarp in Erie. Complete with engine in a crate.

Ronan said...

It was pretty cheap, wasn't it? I'd love to know how the hell that got there.