March 13, 2008

Another one bites the dust.

This is the third RWP post about a black Alfa Milano being junked but this is a slightly happier one.

The car here is a 1987 autobox Milano Gold that a guy I know drove every to work every day for several years, accumulating over 200,000 miles on the body. The engine was replaced at some point or time in the car's life due to the timing chain skipping a couple of teeth. However, several Utah winters were not kind to it and it was very rusty. Around the same time he bought a 1985 GTV6 sitting at a local shop without an engine and put the Milano's engine in the GTV6. Worth mentioning that some of the parts from my old 1987 went to the GTV6 as well.

So why is this happier than the others? Well, this car gave its life to save at least two other Alfas: the GTV6 now runs and the brake lines from this one went to my Milano, completing the ABS swap (save for bleeding the system).

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