February 23, 2008

Romeo 2.

This Alfa Romeo Romeo 2 is sitting in a field in the south of France. Sitting along with it are a couple of Citroen H vans, some Peugeot 403s, a Citroen Ami8, an Alpine A110, a very rare Alpine A106, etc. Unfortunately, none of the cars are for sale and none of them are in very good shape.

This Romeo 2 is a rare find. They were produced in limited quantities in the 60s. The drivetrain is similar to the Renault Estafette: front wheel drive with the motor derived from a production car (the Giulia/Giulietta in the case of the Alfa).

Some went to the Italian military, some were used as ambulances, while others were used by Alfa dealers and racing teams. Few (like this one) were ordered by private owners who used them as campers or work vans for their businesses.

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