February 6, 2008

Late 60s Renaults.

I saw these two Renaults on a recent trip through the Vaucluse region.

The first one is a late 1960s Renault 4. What's special about it, you may ask? Renault 4s were produced by the hundreds of thousands in the late 1960s. Well, two things. One is that most of those have been driven into the ground and scrapped. Two is this particular car has a VERY rare grille. It was a factory accessory that you bought from the dealer, much like a roof rack or something of the sort. I have never seen another one in real life, just in magazines and such. It was meant to give the car a more upscale look and was probably modeled after a Simca grille (look at the 1100, for example)

The second one is a late 1960s Renault 6. An interesting car because the Renault 6 came out in 1968 and the lisence plate (blocked out here out of courtesy to the owner) puts it in the 1969-1970 range so it's a real early model. Much like 4s, a lot of these have been scrapped. It's ending its days watching modern Renaults made out of plastic drive past at 130km/h on the freeway.

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