February 22, 2008

Have a Seat.

Before Volkswagen got involved in the 1980s, Seats were rebadged Fiats produced under lisence (or lackthereof, in the case of the Fiat Ritmo/Seat Ronda) in Spain. Today they're moving away from badge engineering and designing their own cars while still using Volkswagen chassis/drivetrains. This Seat 124 was parked in Barcelona and is a good reminder of the Fiat days.


Javi BX said...

It's a SEAT 1430, not a 124. The engine was not a 1200, but a 1430 cm3. It was built 1969-1975. Also had 1600 and 1800 cm3 engines (what a rocket, in its years, ha, ha, ha... with 95 and 105 HP). Greetings from Barcelona

Javi BX said...

SEAT means not a chair :) but: Sociedad Espa├▒ola de Autom├│viles de Turismo