January 30, 2008

Seis punto nueve.

Here's a rare sight. I realize it's not terribly appropriate for this blog, since we discuss barn/field finds and "barely runners" with enough patina to scare off women and children, but here's something a little different. It's a late '70s or early '80s Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9. These legendary 6.9s featured an overtested, overbuilt, overpowered monster of a V8 that truly was the precursor to today's top-end AMG models. In addition, the 6.9 featured a suspension not unlike the Citroen DS' self-leveling system.

I won't try to play historian as I don't know a ton about these cars, but others masquerading as Mercedes-Benz Classic Center employees have shared some unique details and mesmerizing tales about these rare 6.9 supersedans at Wikipedia. Check out the story of Brock Yates writing the PR material or of Automobile Magazine founder David E. Davis Jr.'s comparison of the 6.9 to a Mini.

I spotted this particular car in the winter of 2005 in San Diego, California. Note that it features Mexico, D.F. (Distrito Federal, or Mexico City) license plates. No doubt the car belongs to a wealthy enthusiast or collector. Lucky them.


I. R. Rothwell said...

Quite interesting. 6.9 litres in one of those is rather extraordinary indeed, although not beyond the relm of Cadillac or someone of the sort. I do indeed envy the owner, however, i pitty the prices of gasoline they must pay.
Also, while yes, the blog name is Ran When Parked, I dont think that necessarily limts it to beat to hell cars found in a barn or something of the sort. I rather like to think of this blog as a place to discuss all sorts of vintage automotive machinery and related issues, be they barn finds, or fantastic show cars. If it has a story and its European / interesting, so be it and it's welcome here.

No Surrender said...

Why is the street sign in English?

I. R. Rothwell said...

I believe the photo was taken in the United States, southwest someplace I immagine?

No Surrender said...

Forget the comment. I see that the car was in California, not Mexico.