December 8, 2007

Spider and bees.

The last registration on the plate of this 1981 Alfa Romeo Spider dates back to 1994. "I don't know much about it.. it ran once", according to the owner. The car was parked because it needed a clutch and it was never started up again. It's sat outside since and it's deteriorated to the point where it's a parts car at best. Interior is trashed, top is trashed and the body is breathtakingly rusty. Drivetrain is intact but it would obviously need some work to run again. The trunk is home to no less than half a dozen bee nests (which by now have most likely died a very cold death.) 1981 is generally considered as a year to avoid for Spiders and this car isn't worth restoring. I considered buying it to put the drivetrain in my GTV but I passed on it. It'll likely end up being sold for scrap metal.

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