December 18, 2007

Old, orange, Italian and rusty.

This Fiat 128 was sitting off of Main Street in Salt Lake City. A true testament to the quality of metal Fiat used in the late 70s, every body panel was rusty. The floor pans had deteriorated into nothing. That aside it was fairly complete but it hadn't been run in a long time.
If I remember right, the owner was asking $500 for it. I passed on it and the car is now gone, off to the Italian car heaven in the sky.. where they hopefully don't salt the roads.


andrew said...

ha, you have been busy posting. That Fiat is so cool... but even in perfect condition, it's worth, what, $2,000? Sad... and it'll likely never be worth the cost of a decent paint job.

Ronan said...

In perfect condition it'd be worth more than that. $5,000 maybe. Still, not very much, and definitly not worth restoring, sadly. I love 128s.